Cernitin Pollen Extracts

Cernitin pollen extracts were developed in 1953 and have remained the same ever since. Consistent quality is obtained by strict control of the pollen raw material as well as the conditions during the extraction process. The Cernitin pollen extracts are produced in Cernelle´s dedicated facility.

Several clinical as well as preclinical studies constitute the base for the use of Cernitin in urological medicine. In addition to pharmalogical and clinical effects, these studies also demonstrate a high degree of safety both in animal toxicology and clinical practice.

The vast majority of scientific publications are based on Cernelle´s Cernitin pollen extracts. Other pollen extracts on the market are produced differently from the Cernitin extracts and therefore the published documentation should be considered as valid for Cernelle´s Cernitin extracts only.
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