Cernelle – the originator of pollen extracts in medicine.

AB Cernelle was started in 1953 with a vision that extracts of pollen would have beneficial health effects in humans. In-house developed methods for collecting pollen in large scale led to the development of the Cernitin pollen extracts. From being a multi-product pharmaceutical and food supplement company, Cernelle is now focusing entirely on the use of Cernitin pollen extracts as a drug within urology with a tablet formulation under the international brand Cernilton.

In 1969 Cernilton was approved by the Japanese health authorities for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and BPH. The product is still a well recognized tool for Japanese doctors in the treatment of these conditions. In the rest of the world there are several products approved for the treatment of BPH, whereas no product is approved with the indication CP/CPPS.

In Sweden the product is approved as an OTC drug for symptom treatment of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia).

A recent clinical study has triggered a renewed interest in Cernilton among urologists and Cernelle has therefore decided to seek partners to secure the further development of the product in urology.

Since March 2005 the company is a subsidiary of Backahill AB,

Cernilton and Cernitin are registered trademarks of AB Cernelle
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