Cernitin™ pollen extracts

Cernitin™ pollen extracts, were founded and developed in 1953 by Cernelle in Sweden.

Cernitin™ extracts include groups of machine harvested pollens from organically grown, specially selected flowers. The Cernitin™ extracts is packed with the nutrients from millions of pollen grains. Each grain contains the richest source of nutrients yet revealed. These pure Cernitin™ extracts are completely free from added preservatives, colour or synthetic chemicals. Cernitin™ extracts are classified as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Two active pharmaceutical ingredients

Cernelle manufactures two main extracts: Cernitin™ T60, a water soluble and dry extract and Cernitin™ GBX, a fat soluble and soft extract. In line with the high requirement of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), a consistent quality is obtained by strict controls of the pollen raw material as well as the conditions during the extraction and manufacturing process. The Cernitin™ extracts are produced at Cernelle’s unique facilities located in Sweden.

Several clinical as well as preclinical studies constitute the base for the use of Cernitin™ extracts in urological medicine. In addition to pharmacological and clinical effects, these studies also demonstrate a high degree of safety both in animal toxicology and clinical practice. The studies have shown a strong coherence and still today there is a high scientific interest in pollen extracts’ beneficial effects on human health.

The vast majority of scientific publications are based on Cernitin™ extracts manufactured by Cernelle. Since other pollen extracts on the market are produced differently from the Cernitin™ extracts, the published documentation should be considered as valid for Cernitin™ extracts only.

Cernitin™ is a worldwide registered trademark belonging to AB Cernelle without any limitation.

Pharmacological effects

Cernitin™ pollen extracts exhibit a number of pharmacological effects of relevance for treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) caused by benign prostate diseases.

Please observe that the presented pharmacological effects are valid for Cernitin™ extracts manufactured by Cernelle only.

Anti inflammatory effects
Inhibition of prostaglandin and leukotriene biosynthesis in vitro. Potency comparable to indomethacin and diclofenac. Dose dependent inhibition of IL-6 and TNF-α in rat prostate tissue.

Anti proliferative effects
Inhibition of stromal proliferation in rats. Selective inhibition of human prostate cell lines in vitro. Inhibition of DHT metabolism.

  • leading to a decrease in prostate size in rats
  • demonstrated in vitro in human prostate cells.

Effects on smooth muscles
Contractile effect on animal bladders in vitro. Relaxing effect on the animal rat urethra in vitro.