One pollen grain – packed with essential nutrients

Pollen grains contain almost all nutrients required by the human body. Inside each grain are no less than 21 different amino acids, of 23 known types. Amino acids are important, as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and build up proteins. The greater the number of amino acids, the more effectively the body can utilize the proteins it gets from nutrients. The amino acids that can be found in each pollen grain are considered to be essential for the human body. They include: isoleucine, leucin, lysin, methionine, phenylanalin, threonine, tryptophan and valin.

As we all know, vitamins are of nutritious value and each pollen grain contains more than 12 different vitamins. The greatest proportion is of vitamin C, but vitamin D, E and K, tiamin, riboflavin, pantoten, niacin, inositol, biotin, folin and vitamin B12 are also present.

In addition, each pollen grain contains several proteins, 10 different enzymes and the same number of minerals. They contain carbohydrates, nucleic acids, flavonoids, phytosterols, growth hormones, alkaloids, organic acids and carotinoids.

Furthermore, a pollen grain does not contain any substances that can be harmful to the human body. In conclusion, pollen grains rate highest on the list of nutritive foods.

A scientific breakthrough

In 1953, Cernelle’s scientific team was the first who managed to do what other scientists throughout the world considered as impossible. With the tremendous breakthrough of being able to unlock the mighty pollen grains using specialized extraction methods, Cernelle's team of scientists were able to obtain large supplies of purified pollen nuclei and develop the today worldwide established Cernitin™ pollen extracts.

The effect of a pollen preparation is much more potent if the contents of the pollen grains have first been released by extraction, which is Cernelle's speciality.

We continue the extensive scientific research on pollen grains that has been going on for more than 60 years to see what other benefits pollen extracts can have on human health.