Cernitol introduced to French urologists and pharmacists in Toulouse.

Cernitol 47 mg is now available for sale in France. During a scientific seminar held by Cernelle September 10th in Toulouse, Cernitol was introduced successfully to French urologists and pharmacists.

The topic at this symposium was “inflammation in the prostate and chronic pelvic pain”, where by highly recognised urologists held interesting lectures with new data and views of these diseases.

Inflammation de la prostate: une pathologie fréquente
Pr. Magnus GRABE
Douleurs chroniques du plancher pelvien
Pr. Xavier GAME
Quel rôle a la phytothérapie dans les douleurs chroniques du plancher pelvien ?
Dr. Philippe ROUVELLAT
Conclusion et questions ouvertes
Pr. Pierre TEILLAC

About AB Cernelle: Cernelle is a Swedish pharmaceutical company with research and development of medicine in urology; chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Cernelle has developed herbal pharmaceuticals from pure pollen extract since 1953. With over 67 million daily doses per year, Cernilton®/Cernitol® is one of the world’s most used medicine to treat benign prostate diseases.

The company have 40 employees, located at the facilities outside Ängelholm in Southern Sweden.