Cernelle enters China

September 2021|

Cernelle enters China. AB Cernelle, in partnership with MeiRui, a leading Chinese pharmaceutical company specialising in urology, has received approval for Shenitong®, which is an herbal medicinal product for the treatment of benign prostate [Read more]

Cernelle – a 100% fossil-free company

May 2020|

Cernelle – a 100% fossil-free companyBiogas instead of natural gas, charging posts for cars, switching to LED lighting and detailed energy measurement. Following several years of concerted effort to reduce its environmental impact, pharmaceutical company [Read more]

COVID-19 and supply of medicines

March 2020|

COVID-19 and supply of medicines As the coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve globally, Cernelle is implementing the necessary precautions to safeguard the continued supply of our medicines and provide treatment for the people who [Read more]

Cernitol Novum is launched in France

August 2019|

Cernitol Novum is launched in France Cernitol Novum is now available in France under the brand name Cernitol 47 mg. Cernelle is expanding internationally by entering a large and promising market. The French have great [Read more]

New facilities to manage ongoing expansion

March 2019|

New facilities to manage ongoing expansionEnd of 2018, Cernelle’s team moved from a traditional to a modern office space and a new laboratory, both about 1000 sqm. Cernelle’s modern and dynamic spaces are designed to [Read more]