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      Always on the lookout for talents
      Cernelle is expanding into new markets and the need for new talent is increasing. The foundation of existence for Cernelle is to make a better everyday life for those people suffering from Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) caused by benign prostate abnormalities.
      Our values:
      With compassion, we make things happen.
      With an open mind, we see challenges as opportunities.
      With determination, we work together and create a prosperous future.
      The need for skilled and competent people who share our mission and values is growing on a daily basis.

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      Prosperous partnering

      Cernelle is expanding into new markets with Cernilton®/ Cernitol®.
      Are you interested in becoming our next valuable and trusted partner? If so, contact us and share your ideas about future collaboration with Cernelle.